World-class amenities on a platter

Infusing affordable housing with the best in class amenities, Orchard Avaasa provides a living experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether through its swimming pool, open-air theatre, landscaped gardens or games room, relaxation and rest now meet at one wholesome address.

With the best of the best at your disposal, life here is all about your comfort. With an aim to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle, these flats In New Town, Kolkata within 50 lakhs provide so much more in value! Offering the perfect selection of amenities inside this architectural marvel, Orchard Avaasa definitely stands as the best apartment complex in Kolkata!


  • Skydeck

    Immerse yourself in a wide range of activities under the canopy of stars and cherish the beautiful moments you create with your loved ones at the Skydeck. Whether your favourite films at the Open Air Theatre or a romantic candlelit dinner under the moonlit, starry sky, indulge yourself in the majestic views of Kolkata’s skyline.

    Badminton Court

    Flex your muscles and unwind yourself at our sprawling badminton court where you can seek exhilaration in intense and heart-thumping badminton matches.

    Kids Play

    Kids play is a happy place for children where they can create joyful and carefree moments of their childhood.

    Party Lawn

    Lose yourself to the spaciousness of our party room and dance your nights away with friends, family and close acquaintances.

    Barbeque Area

    Blending a rustic and modern look, the barbeque area brings people together so that they can have an enjoyable time over lip-smacking gastronomy.

    Adda Pavilion

    To keep the emotion of “adda” alive, it is a perfect spot for the residents to enjoy each other’s company and bond over exciting banter and chit-chat.

    Senior Court

    The elderly residents can relieve the days of their youth with their fellow mates and share moments of friendliness and positiveness.


    Situated at the Sky Deck, you can share intimate moments with your loved ones over a movie or host a gathering of friends under the company of the glittering sky and shimmering skyline.

    Yoga Deck

    Yoga keeps your mind and body in peace. Practice different postures and asanas at the pristine and sublime environment of Yoga Deck and connect peacefully with your inner-self.

    Open Air Library

    Plunge into the world of imagination with our books available at our reading room to enjoy the bliss of reading with peace and tranquillity.

    Sky Walk

    Take a stroll at the Skywalk which connects the two buildings and relish in the picturesque views of the beautiful city.

  • Indoor Amenities

    The interior of the flats are decked up with gymnasium, games room and multipurpose hall.


    Our gym is equipped with first-class and high-quality equipment and infrastructure that will help you pump up the adrenaline rush.

    Games Room

    Staying fit is nothing less than a priority today. That’s precisely why we bring an exciting variety of games and activities for your children - all within your comfort zone.

    Multipurpose Hall

    A melting point of different interests and backgrounds, The Multipurpose Hall can be used for hosting festivities and gatherings.

  • OutDoor Amenities


    The entrance to this luxurious abode ensures a warm welcome to everyone.

    Drop Off

    The drop off reduces the chock a block and traffic to create a safe environment for picking up the children.


    Providing easy accessibility to small and big vehicles, the driveway facilitates smooth connectivity to the main road.

    Multi Level parking

    Our multi level parking is the answer to convenient and accommodating parking facilities for all kinds of vehicles.

    Landscape Garden

    Your delightful moments need a venue and our landscaped garden is definitely the place to be. Revel in the vast expanse of greenery with the company of your loved ones and witness the wonders for yourself.


    Sitting in the lap of greenery, the Gazebo invites friends and families to host small gatherings and exchange moments of happiness and merriment.

    Swimming Pool

    Here at Orchard Avaasa, you’ll find nothing but the best ways to revitalise. With a pool dedicated to adults, everyone can now enjoy the blue ripples of relaxation.

    Kids Pool

    A great escape from the scorching heat, our kid-friendly pool lets children create waves of playful and exciting moments.